Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Crockpot Breakfast Casserole!

Crockpot cooking is the best and easiest cooking of all. If you don't own one, buy one. Its a great way to come home from work and feel like someone slaved over dinner all day. Or in this case BREAKFAST! :)
Toss stuff in, stir and leave it over night. Open it up in the morning, and you’ve got breakfast. This is a great option if you’ve got plenty of hungry mouths to feed — we’re not talking about breakfast for me and my dog here.

Whatcha need:
8 large uncooked eggs
1/2 pound uncooked breakfast sausage
1 sm can green chilis
1 medium onion, CHOPPED
1 green pepper, CHOPPED
1 cup CHOPPED or grated Pepper Jack cheese
1 teaspoon butter
Now what?
Grease or spray the crockpot with the butter. Layer meat, veggies and cheese, repeating until you’ve used all the ingredients — your last layer should be cheese. Beat the eggs and pour over the mixture. Cover the crockpot and turn on low. Cook for 7-8 hours. Serve alone or in Tortillas with salsa, sour cream, bacon, or CHOPPED tomatoes.

Time & Expense: Quick to serve up, Not a long prep time. This is a very flexible recipe! Use whatever you've got lying around..

Things that I would add or substitute:
Carrots - Olives - Cheddar Cheese - Hamburger - Rice - Jalapenos - Potatoes - Broccoli - Chicken - ....

Important Note: If you plan on cooking this for less than 7 hours PLEASE cook the sausage.


What would you add?


  1. What do you recommend as an alternative to eggs? Substituting out the meat for mock meat is easy...but need something to replace the eggs. Thanks!

  2. Do you cook the sausage first?

  3. I was wondering the same thing. Do you cook the meat first ??? Sounds delicious & easy !

  4. i am wondering the same thing! i bet you do!

  5. I was wondering that to but assume not since you are cooking 7-8 hours maybe we will get a "for sure' answer soon I would like to make this

  6. A good rule of thumb for fatty meats like bacon and sausage is, "Unless you are wrapping it around something or the recipe specifically says to use uncooked meat, brown it first". It will make your casserole really greasy if you use raw meat in something like this.

  7. You do not haave to cook the sausage first. 7-8 hours is plenty of time to thoroughly cook the meat.

  8. It is unnecessary to cook the sausage unless you will be cooking it for less than 7 hours. If you are in a hurry, please cook the sausage first. We don't want anyone to get sick :) (High-five to Matt! Thank you :))

  9. 7-8 hours on Low?

  10. Just made this recipe for our Christmas Breakfast and everybody thought it was good. We doubled it and cooked it on low for 7 hours. Used raw sausage and I thought it turned out fine without being too greasy. We thought mushrooms, potatoes, or doing Italian sausage would have been good in it, too.

  11. This did NOT turn out well at all...It was done after four hours (checked it after nursing my baby in the middle of the night). It was overcooked, watery and flavorless. Disappointed, because I really wanted this to work!! :( Could be my crockpot is too hot (even on the low setting).

    1. I have two crockpots that I use, one is new and the other is pretty old. I found out my newer one cooks much hotter, so when doing recipes like this I use my old one. Hope this helps!

  12. Any suggestions on how to handle the raw sausage during the prep, raw sausage and ground meat is hard to handle when raw??